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About Mediana Team

Let us introduce our team to ensure that only professional specialists will implement your ideas and goals into reality!

Our team

In an era when PR technologies and advertising work wonders and help millions of businesses grow, we have made Mediana’s main task to help people take their first steps in personal advancement and businesses, both large and small. For these purposes, we have assembled a team in which each member is a highly qualified specialist.

about us

What qualities are most important for Mediana employees?

Creative mindset

Thanks to creativity, our specialists offer the most effective solutions for each client.

Ability to solve the most intractable problems

We do not focus on simple tasks but offer ideas for the most controversial issues.


We understand how important it is to ensure the efficiency of our work, the speed of achieving results, and constant contact and interaction with customers. Therefore, the performance of our employees is prohibitively high.


This is a prerequisite to becoming part of the Mediana team. Each of our employees' experience and expert skills are at their best.

At the same time, experts in various industries have combined their efforts in Mediana to benefit our customers.

You will receive assistance from professionals in the following areas:

PR specialists

Experienced PR specialists with an impressive portfolio of successful cooperation cases with well-known personalities will help develop a PR concept and bring it to life.


Mediana employs video content designers, artists, graphic designers, brand designers, and UX / UI designers, whose effectiveness is beyond doubt.


Marketing in all its forms is our forte. Specialists in digital marketing, personal brand development, promotion, and advertising of any products and services work for your benefit.

Content writers

Quality content is important for a blog or a business page on social networks and a website. We will provide you with the most creative content.


Targeted advertising is the backbone of a digital business. Mediana targetologists will help you set up, analyse the effectiveness, and customise targeted advertising.

QAs and PMs

The work of our managers and testers allows us to guarantee 100% efficiency in completing the tasks.

Business analytics

Every project starts with an analysis. Analytics are important and useful whether your blog or a full-fledged eCommerce website.

Web developers

Our developers help create functional and effective websites of any level of complexity.

Benefits of cooperation with Mediana

We offer you more than just services in advertising and PR. The benefits we offer are our bright side, no need to say. Just check them out to ensure that’s true.

  • Turnkey solutions for the most non-standard requests.
  • Willingness to implement the bravest ideas.
  • Large selection of tools and technologies to solve tasks.
  • Constant self-improvement of skills for your benefit.
  • Scaling the task for any budget.

This is just a small part of our benefits.
Do you want to ensure that you get much more benefits than expected?
We will be happy to provide you with the most detailed information!

What is
our mission?

The mission of Mediana is to create effective solutions in the field of digital marketing and web development for each client. We strive to help individuals and their future businesses grow and successfully achieve results in the online space. Our company stands guard over the interests of each client and is ready to share our knowledge and experience with each client. We do not just provide services. We become a friend and support our customers.

Get the most from the services and skills we offer to our customers!