What is SEO, and why do you need it?

You have probably come across such a concept as SEO. Behind this abbreviation lies an effective and, at the same time, the mandatory process of optimising a website for the features of search engines.

What is it? Imagine that you want to buy a bike from an online store. What do you do first? If you don’t have a good bike stock eCommerce site in mind, you go to a search engine site and look for something like “Bicycle Shop” or “Buy a Bicycle”, right? The search engine processes your query and returns a list of websites that match that query. Do you know how is this list formed and which sites get to the top of the results? This is the question that the SEO specialist considers and decides.

SEO uses special tools that help optimise the site for search engine results so that your offer gets into the first lines of search results when users request it. For this, special methods are used, for example, developing SEO content that will be relevant to search engine robots. SEO is also involved in link building so that links to your site lead to traffic.

What goals does SEO achieve?

  • Increase the flow of traffic to the site.
  • Improve positions in search engine results.
  • Increase the audience of the site.
  • Provide users with interesting and relevant content.


This is how Search Engine Optimization works in a nutshell. You can see the results of SEO in the long run. And it’s always a custom solution. Do you want to make your site SEO-optimized? Then contact Mediana for advice!